Follow the guidance below to troubleshoot your beach shower.

If you're still experiencing issues with your Beach Shower after trying the suggestions below please submit a Warranty Ticket HERE

I can't seem to build water pressure - what should I do?

There could be a couple of things going on here…

  1. the pressure valve may have popped open
  2. the tube inside the tank may have come off the fitting
  3. the o-ring on the pump itself could have moved/dislodged or the seal at the bottom of the pump may have come off
  4. ……..

Let’s dive into some troubleshooting….

First and foremost, please try to tighten any loose parts and check that the cable adapter where the shower head fits, is securely fitted (just in case this has come loose somehow).

If something has come loose, sometimes you can hear a slight hissing sound after pumping.  Please listen out for this noise.  If heard, you will need to tighten all the parts and it should work as expected.

1. Safety Pressure valve

Have a good look at the pressure valve
and make sure it is still intact and no air is escaping from it.

If this is broken, you won’t be able to build pressure in the tank and air will escape
from here.

2. Tube inside the tank

Another possibility could be that the tube inside the bottle has come apart from the fitting during transport or it has a small crack/split. 

Please open the screw cap connector on the bottle and see if the tube inside is still connected.  Have a look to see if there is a crack/split on the tube.  If there is, remove the tube and turn it upside down, re-screw the connector to the bottle firmly.

Try your Beach Shower again to see if there is pressure.

3. Pump o-ring or seal

If you think it’s a pump issue, pull up the handle and check that the o-ring has not popped out like in the example picture.

If it's not popped out, now open your pump and check the pump seal and the 4cm o-ring (you can see full details of these parts on the bottom of our Warranty Page with picture guidance). 

Grab the spare parts bag when you do this just in case you find the problem and can replace the part straight away.

Usually this noise is because the pump handle needs to be tightened up a little more. Please screw the pump handle firmer.

This sound can happen if:

1. The hose connector to the bottle has become loose - please re-screw the connector nice and tight.

2. The pressure release valve is not closed securely - please check to see the top part of the valve is in alignment with the bottom and adjust accordingly.

If you have tried the above steps and there is still air escaping please submit a warranty ticket HERE

Yes it is, so don't worry. This is due to the pressure you are creating.

This can happen if there is still built up pressure inside the tank.

1. Gently pull up the pressure release valve to allow the release of any residual pressure in the tank.

2. Push firmly down on the pump handle and screw open in an anti clock-wise direction.

This can happen if there is still pressure built up inside the tank.

After you finish using your Beach Shower, always release any residual pressure left inside the tank by gently lifting up the pressure release valve.

Water can still be in the tank to do this.

It is the residential pressure that is causing your shower head to drip.

That little bag of goodies are spare parts that can be used to pro-long the life of your Beach Shower and are given as an 'Emergency Warranty Repair Kit' when you receive your Beach Shower. No need to add them now, you can tap into them at a later date should you need to.

Have a look at the bottom of the Warranty page to see exactly what they are for and where they go.

It sounds like you may be trying to fill up the actual pump handle itself.  

1. Please try to remove as much water as you can by just turn it upside down and giving it a shake

2. Replace the cylinder into the fitting and tighten up the handle again nice and firm

3. Once tight, please then place pressure downwards and use your body’s weight to unscrew it from the tank

The key is pushing down in an anti clock-wise direction when opening, and using the weight of your body to push down to dislodge it - you can even open it without the handle being aligned with the locking grooves of the pump – you just need to use that body weight to push down before turning and it will open.

You can also try to secure the tank between your legs (or get someone to hold the tank firmly so you so can really push downwards and dislodge)

The tube inside the bottle has either detached from the fitting during transportation to you or there is a crack/split in the tube.

1. Open the screw cap connector on the bottle and check if the tube inside is still connected. Reconnect if it has come apart.

2. Check for any cracks/splits in the tube by removing it from the fitting and visually check the tube (particularity the end pieces).

3. If you have found a split/crack try turning the tube upside down, reattach to the connector and re-screw the connector firmly to the bottle. 

4. Try your Beach Shower again to see if the water is flowing in a continuous manner.

Submit a warranty ticket for a free replacement tube if still within the warranty period or purchase a replacement tube if outside of the warranty.

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